Our team consists of highly qualified members: a Business Assistant, a Hygienist, a Dental Assistant and a part time Student Assistant. Together we welcome the individuals we are privileged to serve and provide them with our very best!

Dental Treatment Priorities

In order to best serve your needs, we find it helpful to set certain priorities.teenage girl with great teeth

    • First: care for any urgent, pain related problems.
    • Second: A thorough examination and possibly a cleaning is done before further treatment.
      This can include a thorough medical history - we treat the person as a whole; examination of the soft tissues (skin, muscles, lymph nodes) of the neck and face and hard tissues such as bone and tooth; blood pressure screening on all adult patients; and necessary x-rays that show potential bone or tooth problems not seen by the eye.
    • Third: Proposed treatment is discussed before beginning.
      For extensive treatment needs, a treatment plan will be developed and presented to you, detailing our recommendations for your optimum dental health.

Periodontally involved patients: Our hygienist is committed to providing state of the art maintenance and preventive care.

If you have any questions or are not understanding your current or future treatment recommendations, please don't hesitate to ask! We want you to feel comfortable with your visit and the care you receive.

The intent of this practice is to give the utmost in service and care. Occasionally, we may have delays due to unforeseen events. We will make every effort to advise you should this occur. Please know that we will give you the same careful attention as soon as possible. Because a change in schedule affects many people, we request 2 business days notice of any appointment changes or cancellations.

Recommendations for a Healthy Mouth

Preventive dentistry is a joint responsibility. We recommend:brushing teeth at 15 months

  • Prevention starts at home with daily care
    This consists of proper brushing and flossing as instructed by our staff.

  • Regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings
    Putting yourself on a regular routine to meet your individual needs can improve and deter any problems that may arise.

  • Starting your children at the age of 3 for a positive experience
    Our staff makes it fun to have their teeth clean and learn to manage their own dental health. This also allows the dentist to determine tooth eruptions.

To keep you on track for scheduled cleanings we provide a continuing care program. Appointment reminder cards and follow-up calls are part of what we do to help you with your continuing care.



Let us give you a reason to smile.​

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