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“Over the years I’ve had a lot of dental work done. Because of that I consider myself a discerning shopper and customer. When I became a patient of Dr. Ehni’s I finally found the expertise and professionalism I was looking for. Who would have thought that the best dental care I’ve ever had would happen in Pagosa Springs, Colorado?


When I needed to go to a couple of specialists in Durango, they admired the work that had been done by Dr. Ehni and said they knew I was in the best of hands. I’ve never been happier with a dentist and recommend Dr. Ehni and her staff for all your dental needs!”


- Donna Unrath

"Having had much experience with a plethora of dentists over the years, I have never had another dentist even in the same ball park with Dr. Ehni. Her strong point of many strong points is that she cares about her patients and operates from the patient's point of view, always explaining and offering every option. I never had a trip to the dentist that I would consider pleasant, but a trip to her office is definitely pleasant. They don't get better than this."


- Dan Evans

"Having multiple cavities as a child, and spending what seemed like one full summer in the dentist chair, I must admit I am not a big fan of visiting the dentist. However, when we moved to Pagosa Springs, I dutifully picked Dr. Gerlinde Ehni from the phone book and made my first appointment.
After several crowns, repairs and annual visits, I have never regretted that decision. Dr. Ehni is gentle, thorough and sensitive. She is skilled and continually educates herself about new procedures and products. I applaud her ability to make my seeing the dentist much less fearsome and easier “to swallow”."

- Dee McPeek

"When we moved to Pagosa we were very fortunate that a friend recommended Dr. Ehni. She and her staff have taken care of my family ever since. She has fixed broken teeth, fitted crowns on weak teeth and repaired several fillings.
I especially appreciate her familiarity with our specific dental needs; when I see her, she’s obviously carefully reviewed my chart before I arrived. I’ve seen some dentists who always seem in a hurry, but Dr. Ehni allows plenty of time to do a procedure and address any concerns I might have. She isn’t rushed, and she clearly describes exactly what she is doing and why. When she recommends a procedure, she also gives me other options, explaining their costs and benefits and educating me about my teeth.
I have come to trust her advice completely, and her work often exceeds my expectations. Even when I’m in her office for a mere cleaning, Dr. Ehni often comes in to say hello and examine a problem tooth to gauge its progress. I especially appreciate that Dr. Ehni and her staff give us such good service and make us feel welcome and comfortable.
I no longer dread going to the dentist, and even my 11-year-old daughter is happy to go. I highly recommend Dr. Ehni for many reasons, but especially for her talented, compassionate care."


- Scott Galloway

"Staff very friendly and skilled. Dr. Enhi's work is always admired by other dentists who examine my mouth for problems she doesn't handle . She is caring and a real pleasure to know. Quite a good thing to say about your dentist!"

- Smokey in Chama, NM

"I found Dr. Ehni to be very thorough and personable. She did her exam and then explained possible treatments to me in a way I could understand.
Her staff helped me understand my insurance statements and worked with me with my schedule. Will be going back when I need to have further work done and my cleanings. Thank you Dr. Ehni for all of your help.

- Bonzai Bunny

"Gerlinde Ehni (Snyder) has been my dentist since I moved to Pagosa Springs over twenty years ago. She has always been very meticulous and professional in the care she gives and has always been there for me during emergencies. I’m representing our family as I write this, my husband thought you were wonderful, as I do myself!"

- Donna G

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